Dear Tech Companies: What’s a ‘traditional’ student anyway?

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This specificity matters to us at Reboot for a number of reasons. And it should matter to tech companies too.

First, this framing positions a subset of student experiences as the default. Not only is this language exclusionary, it’s also at odds with the reality of colleges in our country today. This means that if we only focus on expanding diversity and equity through “traditional” four-year college pathways for 18–22 year old students, our interventions won’t actually be inclusive.

Who are we talking about?

What would a language change solve?

How are we actually supporting non-traditional students’ needs?

In parts II and III, we’ll explore the questions above, and talk about ways tech companies can support tangible outcomes for these students before and after they enter the workforce. Till then, it’s crucial to remember that the “typical” college student has changed — and it’s time our mindsets did, too.



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Reboot Representation

Reboot Representation

A coalition of tech companies committed to doubling the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women receiving computing degrees by 2025.